And Then I Read: BRIGHTEST DAY 4-5

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

With issue 4 of this event’s main title, we finally start to advance some of the many storylines into new territory. Hawkman and Hawkwoman travel through a dimensional gate made of bones from their past lives, some of which play out around them as they do, and emerge in a cool looking world with giant flying islands. I love those. Deadman runs into Hawk and Dove, and Hawk thinks Deadman’s white ring might be useful to bring back another long-dead person. There are snippets of other stories, but those are the main ones, both interesting and well-told.

In issue 5 we learn, thanks to the cover copy, that the flying island world is Hawkworld. I read the series about it years ago, but don’t recall the details. In addition to flying islands and half-man half-hawk characters, there are tiger men. I love tiger men. There’s also something evil inside Hawkman threatening to spoil the fun parts of their story, as does the capture of Hawkwoman. Aquaman and Mera encounter undersea warriors trying to kill or capture them, and there’s a good bit of action-filled story for them, too, with a surprising reveal for Mera at the end. Deadman, Hawk and Dove’s story gets a bit farther, just enough to reveal who Hawk wants to resurrect.

Why is this event working for me, when Blackest Night failed? First, it’s much less predictable. Second, it’s delving into origins and back-stories to bring out new information and nuances for the characters, almost all of which have been around for decades. Third, it’s about solving puzzles and mysteries more than about fighting. All good things. Recommended.

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