And Then I Read: BRIGHTEST DAY 6

Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Things are moving faster in some of the storylines in this issue. A truly creepy and vicious Martian opens the story with a double murder. It’s the one J’onn J’onzz is tracking, but he’s well behind, and facing his own personal dilemma: every plant he touches dies, and he doesn’t know why. With help from other heroes, he follows clues to Australia where another shock awaits him. Hawk and Dove and Deadman try to resurrect Dove’s sister, but it all goes wrong. Ronnie Raymond is still struggling, as Firestorm, with too many people in his head, and Aquaman and Mera try to get to the truth about their relationship, after Mera’s confession that she was originally meant to kill him. The violence is escalating, but so far the stories are still intriguing. Recommended.

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