And Then I Read: BRIGHTEST DAY 7-8

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I like it when a superhero comic takes a moment to do something real life, and that’s how this issue begins, with Hawk, Dove and Deadman in a burger place having a meal. In fact, doing so at the request of Deadman’s white ring. After that, Deadman is transformed into a white version of himself (I mean, ALL white) and the White Lantern begins to explain what it’s all about. Of course, before it gets very far, we switch to…segments of the other stories that have been developing, featuring  J’onn J’onzz, Firestorm, the Hawks, Aquaman and Mera. Finally at the end, many of the characters resurrected at the beginning of Brightest Day are shown becoming White Lantern versions of themselves, and being given missions by the White Lantern entity. Does this add up to something? On the one hand it suggests all before has been just a prelude, on the other hand it does tie all the disparate stories together.

Ah, but in issue 8 we see that the characters are NOT all White Lanterns, so that was either a vision of the future or some other illusion. Here we have J’onn J’onzz still investigating the mysterious other Green Martian, and Hawkman struggling to save Hawkwoman (with an interesting reveal for their opponent). Is this playing fair? Without rereading the entire text, I’m not sure. The story is beginning to slip away from me, and I’m tempted to simply wait until the the next issue and see if it comes back together. I like some of what’s going on here and it’s therefore mildly recommended.

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: BRIGHTEST DAY 7-8

  1. David Goldfarb

    I gotta say though, that I was really annoyed by the bit where Deadman says he doesn’t love being an aerialist, he just did it for the paycheck. I’m sorry, but NOBODY becomes a circus aerialist “just for the paycheck”.

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