Image © Stuart Moore, Alberto Ponticelli and Ahoy Comics. Lead written by Moore, art by Ponticelli, backup written by Tyrone Finch, art by Mauricet. Colors by Giulia Brusco & Lee Loughridge, letters by Rob Steen.

Stuart Moore is having too much fun throwing together every 1970s science fiction, action and exploitation Saturday-afternoon movie idea he can think of. You have the girl fighter from the distant past, Brita Constantina, teamed with the giant afro gunfighter Lynda Darrk fighting Martian invaders, and soon they’re joined by kung-fu guru Jackson Li and his shaggy dog, all in New York, which is crumbling under the Martians. Cool stuff. The backup is great too, about a bear who gained supreme intelligence on a spaceflight test mission, but no one will listen to him because…he’s a bear. This is a fine read in every way.


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