Lead story written by Stuart Moore, art by Alberto Ponticelli, colors by Giulia Brusco. Backup written by Tyrone Finch, art by Mauricet, colors by Lee Loughridge. Letters on both by Rob Steen.

This book continues to combine disparate genres and characters in an entertaining way. It opens in a 1975 where Martians have conquered the Earth (or at least New York City), and they are staging a battle between two captives: street fighter Lynda Darrk and martial arts master Jackson Li. Their other prisoner, Brita, has recently arrived from 2,000 years ago, and is a warrior herself. Before long, Brita and Lynda are back in Brita’s time where a super-intelligent monkey is making trouble. The Martians are there, too, but what happened to Jackson Li?

The backup, Major Ursa, is about a bear who has gained high intelligence through being sent into space as an experiment. Now he holds the key to further space travel, even though he’s being treated as slave labor. Ursa has an ally in Selma, another cog in the space program machine. Can the two of them sneak into the waiting space ship and get it airborne?

I’m not sure why these ideas work, but they do. Recommended.

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