Main story written by Stuart Moore, art by Alberto Ponticelli, colors by Giulia Brusco. Backup written by Tyrone Finch, art by Mauricet, colors by Lee Loughridge. Lettering on both by Rob Steen. Cover by Ponticelli.

In this issue, writer Stuart Moore manages to work in some character development amid the craziness. We learn of Jackson Li’s conception in a remote Tibetan monastery, and see the developing relationship between Lynda Darrk from the 1970s and King Domnall from the 1970s B.C. Meanwhile, Domnall’s daughter Brita follows a poetic voice in her mind into the Taboo Zone, and Jackson Li has a revealing conversation with a Martian. New surprising partnerships are made by both.

In the Major Ursa backup, the highly intelligent bear manages to escape in the NASA spacecraft he helped develop, only to be shot down in flight by his boss…or was he?

Fun stuff, recommended.

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