And Then I Read: BUG! #1

Image © DC Entertainment.

What an interesting mix this is: Kirby Fourth World characters including his version of Sandman and Bug himself, a few regular DC characters in cameo, and the oddly dreamlike atmosphere of Gerard Way’s Young Animal imprint, all filtered through the minds and talents of the Allred family. Writer Lee Allred is the brother of artist Mike Allred, with colorist Laura Allred rounding out the family group. Somehow Nate Piekos of Blambot snuck in there as letterer, and does an equally super job.

I don’t recall the adventures of the original Bug by Kirby, but we are quickly caught up on that in the first few pages: a rebel spirit from Apokolips (like Mister Miracle), Bug found his way to Earth hoping for freedom and respect, but has not found much of either yet. In this series he wakes from a deathlike state in a cocoon inside a spooky house, and interacts with a silent ghost girl and some monsters before meeting his old enemy General Electric who is, of course, bent on destroying the world.

Fun stuff, recommended.

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