And Then I Read: BUG! #5

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Lee Allred, art by Michael Allred, colors by Laura Allred, letters by Nate Piekos.

The software glitch that happened a few months ago kept me from reading the last two issues of this miniseries, but I’m getting to them now. I found that I didn’t remember many details of the plot, but it really didn’t matter in this case, as my enjoyment of the series is based on other things. The art is terrific, the colors are excellent, the lettering is tops, and the writing is fun in a sort of free-flowing, trippy way, as if Lee was simply looking at each page and making cool things up for it as he went along. Could be so, I don’t know.

Essentially this is a romp through and within the worlds of some lesser Jack Kirby creations: Bug, the main character, and in this issue, OMAC, as well as other new characters, villains and oddities that Jack might have thought of but didn’t. Elements of the story are magnificently fantastic, such as the villain stealing entire oceans and the answer to Kirby’s Mother Box, a Brother Box. Mike Allred clearly loves Kirby, and though his art sticks to his own unique style, he does a fine job with Kirby homages and styling.

One issue to go, which I will get to soon. Recommended.

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: BUG! #5

  1. Nate Piekos

    Thanks, Todd. I will say that Lee’s scripts had almost as much Kirby back-history, and obscure references, as actual script. Crazy detail.

  2. Todd Post author

    Thanks, Nate. It’s often hard to tell from reading a comic what the script was like, so that’s good to know.

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