And Then I Read: CAPTAIN GINGER #2

Image © Stuart Moore, June Brigman and Ahoy Comics. Main story written by Stuart Moore, art by June Brigman & Roy Richardson, colors by Veronica Gandini, letters by Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt. Backup written by Tom Peyer, art by Randy Elliot and Andy Troy, letters by Rob Steen.

After a vicious fight between the Captain and his right-hand cat Sergeant Mittens, The latter is assigned to the ship’s equivalent of latrine duty, in this case cleaning litter. The population explosion among the human-like crew and the regular cats on board are creating all kinds of systemic problems, as every space on the ship is full of cats doing what cats do. At least Tribbles did not make a smelly mess…! Meanwhile, Science Cat is trying to decode information in the ship’s computers from their former masters, “the feeders,” to understand a message they’ve received from another ship. Could there be more cats out there?

This series is growing on me, and I like the mix of cat-related humor and character interplay. Well done and recommended.

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