And Then I Read: CAPTAIN GINGER #4

Image © Stuart Moore & June Brigman, main story written by Moore, art by Brigman & Roy Richardson, colors by Veronica Gandini, letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt. Backup written by Tom Peyer, art by Randy Elliott, colors by Andy Troy, letters by Rob Steen.

Aw, is the first story arc over already? At last we get to meet one of the Feeders, or at least his hologram, and the many problems caused by overpopulation on the starship gains a solution from a super-evolved kitten. Captain Ginger’s scouting mission to find more intelligent cats does not succeed in the way expected, but they do find…something surprising! In the Hashtag: Danger backup, Desiree learns that big brains are not always best when her future bloodline comes back in time to visit. In all, a fun issue and recommended.

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