And Then I Read: CAVE CARSON #10

Image © DC Entertainment.

I keep thinking I’m going to drop this title, and then I read another. I liked this one more than the last few.

Cave and friends are on another world, one where The Whisperer they unleashed has conquered the populace and moved on. There’s a forest that seems out to capture them, giant dead inhabitants, and more strangeness, like the spirit of Cave’s dead wife that only he can see. Then a new character arrives, Cave Carson Junior! Even Cave is puzzled by him, son of another Cave on another version of Earth, apparently, and one where The Whisperer is now attacking. Cave Junior has been sent to retrieve an item that will help them against the evil entity. He brings our Cave and gang home with him, where this world’s Magnus and his Metal Men are waiting to greet them…but not fondly.

While the story is still confusing at times, and not helped there by the art, the character moments saved it for me, and the new direction seems interesting. If only the entire book were as cool as the variant cover above by Benjamin Dewey.

Mildly recommended.

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