And Then I Read: CAVE CARSON 2

Image © DC Comics.

Though the approach is scattershot, a story is emerging with this issue that I find intriguing. It begins with what seems a past incident where Carson receives the Cybernetic Eye of the title, then jumps ahead to Carson now, after hours at the high tech company that owns the current version of his mole car. In a confrontation with the company head, revelations abound, as does Cave’s anger. Meanwhile, his daughter Chloe is being kidnapped by company thugs, and Cave steals the mole car to rescue her. Somehow Wild Dog is involved, and joins Cave in the rescue. As expected, things get weirder at the end. (And I’m still not reading the Super Powers backup, sorry.) I like the non-linear writing and characters by Way and Rivera, and definitely want to know more. The art by Michael Avon Oeming is at times too simple for my taste, but is saved by nice design sense and storytelling.


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