And Then I Read: CAVE CARSON #6

Image © DC Comics.

Bear with me while I try to sum up this issue, which I found confusing. First we have wealthy company head Edward Borsten falling prey to the mental dominance of the mysterious evil presence that has reached into his mind from deep below ground. Then we cut to Cave and his crew, with his ex-wife and HER people, fighting monsters in their mole car. Meanwhile Edward in his newer mole car, and HIS crew are trying to free the great evil force. When they do, it’s another monster, a gigantic one. Soon, the two groups meet and more mayhem ensues.

I have to say I like the idea of this comic much more than the execution. I’d be happier with something more along the lines of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne, exploring underground wonders, lost civilizations and creatures. We’ve had a little of that, but it’s turned into a more predictable and less interesting monster fight at this point. The writing has it’s moments, usually the quieter ones, but is confusing at times, and the art is often difficult to follow, and too cartoony when I can follow it. I think this is the last issue I’ll be looking at. Too bad, I had hopes.

Not recommended.

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