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The new Young Animal titles I’ve seen so far all feature a mix of old and new characters and ideas. This one builds on the 1960s DC characters in CAVE CARSON ADVENTURES INSIDE EARTH, which appeared in both THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and SHOWCASE, but never in its own titled series. Cave Carson and some of his original team are here, but his wife Eileen has died recently. Their daughter, Chloe, is going to college, and looks to be the “young animal” in this series. Carson himself has an odd addition, per the title, a cybernetic eye that provides unexplained views and visions. Carson is worried about that, and visits Doc Magnus, creator of The Metal Men for help with it, on the advice of his daughter, but doesn’t learn much there. Meanwhile, Carson’s former company is now a tech giant, EBX, where new underground explorers are being trained, with Cave’s help. Other weird, unexplained things and characters are hovering in the wings waiting for their moment.

Writers Gerard Way and Jon Rivera have me intrigued, but not yet convinced I want to stay with this one. I’ll see how it goes. The art by Michael Avon Oeming is rather cartoony, which at times fights with the script, and other times works well, in my opinion. There’s also a very odd Super Powers backup by Tom Scioli that has lettering so small I gave up on reading it.

Mildly recommended.

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