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Three things that make the writing of Robert A. Heinlein tops in my book are the ideas, the author’s voice (narration) and the dialogue. This adaptation tries hard to make a comic out of the novel, but it feels incomplete because the author’s voice is largely missing. The ideas are there, at least some of them, same for the dialogue, but the few captions can’t begin to represent what reading Heinlein is like, and there the effort falls short. As it is, we have lots of talking heads, and not much action, though the story itself is quite interesting. A slave boy on a distant planet is gradually finding out he’s much more than that through a series of revelations. We follow his rise through a clan of space-faring traders, then his entrance into the Hegemonic Guard, a sort of space Navy, and his realization he needs to follow his own story to Earth. I enjoyed touching base with the characters, the pencil art by pro Steve Erwin is fine, though the digital “inks” are rough in spots. It’s an honest attempt, and worth a look if you’re a Heinlein fan, but not nearly as satisfying as the novel.

Mildly recommended

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