CitizenGalaxy3Image © estate of Robert A. Heinlein and IDW.

My opinion of this series is largely unchanged by the final issue: an honest effort to adapt a Heinlein novel to comics form, but it falls short in some areas, particularly in representing the author’s voice, very important to any Heinlein work. However, this final issue did work better for me than the first two because it covers a subject Heinlein excelled at, shady family business politics, and in this case the dialogue does carry the story well. Thorby has arrived on Earth stunned by the discovery he’s an extremely wealthy and important man, the “Rudbek of Rudbek,” but soon finds he’s expected to play a figurehead role to his uncle who has held all the real power since Thorby’s parents disappeared when he was a small child. Thorby soon learns the lay of the land, makes a few new friends, and decides he has to challenge his uncle. That challenge will not be easy, but in the author’s hands it plays out brilliantly.

I do still think it’s possible to adapt a Heinlein novel to some sort of comics format, but perhaps not the traditional one. And other books would lend themselves better than this one. Still, as I say, nice try and worth a look for the Heinlein completist.

Mildly recommended.

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