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This is the third and final Convergence title that I read. It’s written by Gail Simone, and while I haven’t read a lot of her work, I’ve enjoyed what I have read. The art is by Jan Duursema and Sam Parsons, artists I like and worked with years ago, and featured in the story in addition to the title characters are the Hawkman and Hawkwoman from the HAWKWORLD mini-series by Tim Truman that I liked a lot, so I was sold.

There is, of course, lots of fighting, and the usual Convergence business, but the writing is full of personality and passion. There’s always more going on than just a fight in the fight scenes. I particularly liked the handling the the Hawks and of Oracle, the crippled Barbara Gordon, but it’s all nicely done. The art is terrific, another example of “DC, give these folks a series!” Even the coloring by Wes Dzioba stands out, adding tons of atmosphere to the already exciting art. This is definitely worth a visit. The cover art by Jill Thompson is a nice bonus.


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