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I’ve only read a few of the DC Convergence titles. This is one that looked interesting. Writer Paul Levitz has chosen as his viewpoint character a cartoonist based on comics legend Sheldon Mayer’s creation Scribbly, and Sheldon himself. The DC heroes involved are the Seven Soldiers of Victory, who as far as I recall never appeared in WORLD’S FINEST, or were handled by Mayer, but that aside, the story is made more appealing by the combination.

Convergence has set pieces of business that appear in each of the two-issue stories, and it’s very plot-driven, but Paul manages to get some nice character moments in when he can, and the story has a Silver Age feel to it in many respects. The art by pencillers Jim Fern and Ron Wagner, with guest spots and several inkers, is clean and open, appealing to my eyes. Nothing here that wowed me, but an enjoyable read for what it is. You should be aware that it will leave you hanging unless you read the main CONVERGENCE books, but Paul manages to get some resolution for his narrator at least.


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