And Then I Read: COVER RUN

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If you’re a fan of artist Adam Hughes you already know you’re going to like this oversized hardcover showcasing his wonderful covers for DC. If you’re not, a browse through it may well convince you, assuming you like his approach, which is very much in the “good girl art” school of making images of beautiful women that are sexy in a classy way. Hughes began as an artist on comics stories, but his slow production speed and perfectionism, plus his undeniable talent, led him to become a cover specialist, and once there, he really blossomed. You can see it happening in these pages. Once he began as the regular cover artist for Wonder Woman in 2001 or so he developed skills that lifted him above the crowd, producing full-color images (with the help of computer coloring) that really shine.

On the down side, this is not a complete collection of his covers at full-page size, but it includes lots of them, and I assume they’re the ones he likes best. On each spread there’s text by Adam describing his approach to a particular cover, usually with a few brief insights into technique, some sketches, the final cover small, and on the right side just the art, full page. In some cases other covers are shown small that didn’t get the large treatment.

I’ve never worked with Adam directly, or even spoken to him, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the text. The introduction by him seemed a bit forced, but once I began reading the entries on the work itself, I found it funny and informative, and a pleasure to read. His humor is a bit goofy at times, sometimes self-deprecating, but Adam’s love for what he does comes through, as does his talent and knowledge of art and the particular needs of cover art and design.

A fine book with excellent production values and absolutely nothing but a pleasure to read and look at. Highly recommended!

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