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Cover featured and first up is the beginning of a new Aliens story, as it says above. I liked some of what went on here, but it’s a section of a longer story that stops abruptly and awkwardly. Not a huge fan of Kieth’s art, personally.

Part 2 of The Goon by Arcudi and Case is an appealing detective story that’s coming along nicely even though there’s no action to speak of. The characters make it work quite well without that.

Part 10 of Finder by Carla Speed McNeil finally gets to a conclusion that makes sense to me, and is quite funny.

Part 3 of Criminal Macabre by Niles and Mitten is growing on me, though I still feel the art is too abstract at times, interfering with the storytelling (the character acting, really). But this chapter goes to an interesting confrontation with a dangerous creature.

House of Fun by Evan Dorkin is mostly about Zombies, and the amount of words on the pages had me feeling hald-dead myself. Just…couldn’t…read…them…all…

Part 2 of The Occultist by Richardson, Seeley and Drujiniu looks great, and the story is generally well done, though not too surprising. X-Files material.

Part 2 of the Black Beetle by Francavilla also looks great, and I like the sort of Indiana Jones/1940s superhero mix, but the lettering continues to annoy me.

Part 1 of Mister X by Dean Motter is a stylish, well-designed, and well written noir crime story, but like all previous Mister X material I’ve read, kind of left me cold. X is emotionless, and the other characters in the story are malevolent or silly in one way or another.

By far the best thing in the issue for me is the beginning of a new Nexus story by Mike Baron and Steve Rude. I love Nexus. And I’m happy to see Steve is lettering it himself. A little rough in spots, but it looks very much like his pencils, and I feel Steve has finally found a letterer who will give him exactly what he wants. (I and many others tried but could never quite get there.)

Sensible City is a short story by Harlan Ellison with spot illustrations by Richard Corben. A well-told nightmare.

Recommended, especially for Nexus fans.

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