And Then I Read: DARK HORSE PRESENTS 14 & 15

Image © Steve Rude and Mike Baron.

While there’s lots of great stuff to enjoy in these issues, the best thing in my opinion is new NEXUS. It’s part of a continuing story about an infestation of insects on Ylum, one which even the Merk seems powerless to deal with. Vooper has some ideas, but as usual they’re way over the top, and to get at the source, Nexus must delve deep into the center of the planet.

Of the other serialized stories I’m enjoying FINDER and GHOST, with BUDDY COPS providing comic relief amidst a mostly serious and scary line-up. RIVEN, a new serial by Bo Hampton with Robert Tinnell looks promising, and the art is great. WILD ROVER by Michael Avon Oeming is a two-parter in these issues that’s pretty good, though I liked the writing better than the art. REX MUNDI is a one-shot with interesting characters and art. Most of the other features I skimmed through, they didn’t appeal or catch my attention, but the variety in this anthology continues to be one of its best features.


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