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I am really far behind on this title. The fact that it’s an anthology makes it easier to let it sit, and the length of each issue does not help. I must catch up!  The cover feature begins a new arc for writer Dan Jolley’s quirky police detective series with art by Leonard Kirk and Robin Riggs. This time there’s been some murders, and all the victims had the same enemy. Trouble is, that enemy is dead. Or is he? Great start.

“Eden” is next, an excellent stand-alone story written by Jim Alexander, terrific art by John Higgins. Somehow reminds me of the stories Jan Strnad and Richard Corben used to do in the seventies.

“Journeymen” hasn’t done much for me yet, but takes an interesting turn on the final page of this chapter.

The first chapter of “Brain Boy” tries that very tricky thing, writing about a genius. This one also has psi-powers that make him a tool for anti-terrorist forces. Not bad writing by Fred Van Lente, nice art by Freddie Williams II.

“King’s Road,” another new series by Peter Hogan and Phil Winslade is an unusual mix of agents battling dark magic to protect a princess, but in a very mundane suburban setting. Intriguing.

“Beneath the Ice” by Simon Roy & Jason Wordie concludes. I enjoyed this arctic shaman adventure, even if I didn’t understand all of it.

“Gabe and the Sandpiper” is a standalone story by Pete Doree and Sean Phillips. An Indiana Jones sort of adventure on the Amazon with interesting twists and fine art.

“Villain House” by Shannon Wheeler continues to be entertaining and funny, a super-villain satire of sorts.

Best of the issue for me is the beginning of a new “Nexus” serial by Mike Baron and Steve Rude. This one seems to be about to team him up with Sherlock Holmes, which sounds like fun, if a little contrived. Love it anyway!



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