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Still way behind on this title, but here’s another issue. The cover feature is a new series written by Frank Barbiere with fine painted art by Micah Kaneshiro featuring a burglar with the power to go invisible, a nice one to have for the trade. He actually goes into some kind of other space, which looks to add interesting elements to the storyline. Good start.

“Alabaster” by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Steve Leiber continues, but this chapter does not seem to relate to what went before, and simply left me confused.

“Bloodhound” continues in a police story that also involves an invisible villain. Looks good, well written, but what are the odds?

“Brain Boy” continues with a nice display of mental powers by the main character, and some clever thinking as well. The art looks appealing and well drawn.

I’m delighted to see the beginning of a “Trekker” serial written and drawn by old friend Ron Randall. Trekker is a bounty hunter, and as the story opens we see how good she is at her job. Then something completely different, a vacation with a girlfriend, but one that looks to have some interesting angles. Handsome work.

“King’s Road” continues with an intriguing story of a family from a fantasy kingdom in hiding on our mundane world, an odd mix of genres with a talking dog to boot, but I like it.

“Nexus” meets Sherlock Holmes AND H.G. Wells. Love it!

“Villain House” by Shannon Wheeler continues to entertain me.



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