And Then I Read: DARK HORSE PRESENTS 29 & 30



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This title is full of varied and interesting reading. I’m just commenting on the ones that appealed to me here.

Not sure what to think of “The Silver Angel” by David Lapham. I like the art, the story is kind of unclear in places, purposely perhaps, as the former wrestling champ fades in and out of his hallucinatory memories while fighting zombies, but generally well done.

“Alone” is another obscure Edgar Allan Poe work adapted with gusto by Richard Corben. Liked it, even though it’s not very Poeish.

“Alabaster: Boxcar Tales” by Kiernan and Lieber continues with a meandering storyline and good dialogue.

“Into the Past,” the Nexus story continues, and while I enjoyed it, it’s almost beginning to feel like a parody of itself. The extreme characters and events used to be balanced by more realistic down-to-earth moments, but the latter are largely missing in this story.

The “Trekker” tale by Ron Randall concludes in 29, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Great art, fine writing. Solid comics storytelling.

“Dark Stearn,” the Mr. Monster story by Michael T. Gilbert also concludes in these issues with lots of frenetic action. The art is so energetic is almost seems to jump off the pages in some places. Fun stuff.

“Saint George” is a new fantasy-historical series pitting Roman legions against a godlike Egyptian pharaoh. There’s clearly a dragon involved, too. Good so far.

A short one by Stan Sakai in #30, not a Yusagi Yojimbo story, is always welcome and fun to read.

Both issues, and the anthology in general, are recommended.

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