Image © Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics.

Hellboy’s drunk wedding turns out about as you’d expect, and his bride likewise, but it’s an amusing ride that I enjoyed. The art by Mick McMahon is very stylized, but in a somewhat different way than Mignola’s. Still works fine.

“Integer City” is a hard-boiled detective story with horror elements. Okay, I guess, but the genre seems to be overdone in DHP, and this one is not memorable so far.

“The Deleted” is another familiar theme, wastrel teenager wakes up in a dystopian wreck of a place, and is soon enlisted by a cute girl to fight monsters. The art on it is by the ever-colorful Brendan McCarthy, and is the best part of the strip.

I’m enjoying the latest Nexus serial, even though it feels like a runaway train, almost careening off the tracks in places, but then somehow righting itself. This time we see the Merk for the first time in a long time, always fun.

“Monstrous” is an interesting idea, a human trapped in a monstrous body, infiltrating fellow monsters who have killed most of the other humans. Lots of moral quandaries as well as action. Not loving the art, but it’s okay.

“Saint George, Dragonslayer” is a lively and enjoyable twist on the hero of myth, written like a situation comedy/adventure film by Fred Van Lente, and with quite excellent art by Reilly Brown. So far, a keeper.

“The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne” is back, I think Miss Marple and supernatural elements, though the latter haven’t shown up yet in this episode. Okay, not caring for the art much.

“Alabaster: Boxcar Tales” reaches its 13th and apparently final chapter, at least in this anthology. I’ve read them all, enjoyed the art and the dialogue, but haven’t a clue as to what it’s all about.

A fine issue, recommended.

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