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Keeping things brief this time. “Cruel Biology” begins a four parter that’s an interesting mix of “Catch-22” and a horror movie, set on a remote Pacific island scouting outpost. I like the art more than the story of “Integer City,” but not a bad read. Brendan McCarthy’s psychedelic art and colors on “The Deleted” really brighten up this issue, but the story so far is somewhat predictable: drop a guy into the middle of a war he doesn’t understand and see what happens. A new “Mister X” serial by Dean Motter begins: stylish, classy noir. I read this issue out of order, so the “Nexus” chapter here is second to the conclusion, and it’s a strange a ride as ever. On the other hand, the first chapter of “Mr. Monster and the Brain Bats of Venus” helps me understand what I’d read in the second chapter already. Michael T. Gilbert’s art and story are frenetic and full of energy at all times, not to mention good fun. “Saint George” concludes in this issue with more nice art and a pretty good story. “The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne” proves that you can do all new Agatha Christie Miss Marple stories in comics form. I don’t love it, but it’s worth a read. “Kill Me!” is a convoluted time travel story that concludes here. I like the idea of it, but the plot lost me.

In general, not a bad issue. Recommended.

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