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This issue’s cover and lead story are by Eric Powell. It’s a science fiction tale of a robot sent on a very long spaceflight to a distant planet where there might be alien life. I’ll just say it’s the best robot story I’ve read in ages, and a great look into the psychology of loneliness. Quite funny, too!

Part 4 of Rotten Apple by Greene and Brown is mostly a very confusing battle among several parties. The storytelling falls apart for me here, and the presence of a character with what looks like an Angry Bird head is not helping.

Part 2 of Dog Mendonça and Pizza Boy takes an unexpected turn toward HELLBOY territory with a Nazi prison camp for monsters.

Part 4 of Number 13 by Love and Walker has appealing art, and the story is starting to fill in some gaps. Not bad.

Resident Alien by Hogan and Parkhouse is fine work. It’s a mystery on one level and science fiction on another with the main gimmick being the investigating doctor is from another world, which we the reader can clearly see, but most others in the story cannot.

Part 2 of Criminal Macabre by Niles and Mitten has some interesting moments and characters, but the art is a little too scribbly and cartoony for horror in my view.

Part 5 of Marked Man by Howard Chaykin is well-drawn, but full of blood and murder among people I don’t like, so I can’t really recommend it.

Skeleton Key by Andi Watson is a charming ghost story in a cartoony style that works well for me in this case.

Part 5 of Finder: Third World by Carla Speed McNeil is weird stuff, but I like it. A futuristic tale, the lead turns out to have a fascination for undeliverable mail and packages, a personal quest to find homes for them.

Part 4 of Blood by Neal Adams has some amazing art and a story I can’t read.

That’s it for this issue. Mildly recommended.

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