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Since I just reviewed DHP 5, and my opinion of the continuing features has not changed, I’m going to highlight the new stuff this time.

“Story Time” is a charming BEASTS OF BURDEN tale by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson where some puppies are told a tale of a heroic dog from the ancient past who fought alongside humans in battles large and small, and ones where magic was a threat and also a weapon. Really fine work.

“Change” by Fabio Moon is another delight as it follows three very different protagonists through life-changing journeys, and all three become entwined at the end. Written well but very simply, and the art is as charming as can be.

Not new, but there’s a second “Skeleton Key” story here by Andi Watson about a ghost-busting trio tackling a haunted hotel room. Quite cartoony art, but again appealing.

In all this issue is recommended.

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