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This issue was presold for me. A new “Hellboy” story by Mignola, Arcudi and Fegredo that’s a fine coda to the recent cataclysmic battle in his series, and a new “Beasts of Burden” story by Dorkin and Thompson lead it off in fine fashion, well worth the price alone. Next up is the beginning of a new urban gang series, “Concrete Park,” that doesn’t appeal to me, though it has some nice art. Then we have a new chapter of Neal Adams’ “Blood,” also not really my cup of tea, though with great art, and the final chapter of Howard Chaykin’s “Marked Man.” While I didn’t care for any of the characters it that one much, it does wrap up well. “The Once and Future Tarzan” is a new series by writer Al Gordon and artist Tom Yeates. This is a winner in my book: gorgeous painted art and an intriguing story that puts Tarzan in a somewhat ambiguous setting that could be in the future, or certainly in the present, though still with his jungle skills and lion companion. “The Massive” by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson begins a new series about a North Sea oil rig that’s intriguing, and has more attractive art. “Time To Live” is a clever time loop story by Martin Conaghan and Jimmy Broxton, the kind that would have fit well into 2000 AD magazine, and is fun to read here. More nice art, too! “The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne” begins a series that seems to combine an Agatha Christie old lady detective with a clever and bloody killer. Didn’t care for the art on this one. Finally Chapter 2 of “Skulltar the Questionable” continues the Conanesque satire in an amusing if overly broad way.

Here’s a great Jill Thompson page from “Beasts of Burden.” Is there an artist out there handling animals as well as this in comics? Can’t think of any.


2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: DARK HORSE PRESENTS 8

  1. Daniel

    Did Jill Thompson do the lettering on the page with all the sheep? That’s a lovely font. Very sheeplike.

  2. Todd Post author

    That’s a font based on Jill’s own lettering created by Jason Arthur, I believe, and the Beasts of Burden stories are lettered by him.

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