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I was a little disappointed in the first issue of this storyline, so I’m happy to report I liked this one much better.

A recently murdered body is found on the front steps of Wayne Manor, and it’s someone Bruce Wayne was working with on a Gotham revitalization construction project. Beside the woman is a canister of a drug called Icarus that apparently causes an overdosing user to burst into flames. Harvey Bullock is on the case, and he suspects Bruce of the crime. The interplay between them is excellently done by co-creators Buccellato and Manapul. Of course Batman investigates, and that investigation takes him to the dirty streets of Gotham, where trouble is waiting for him from drug dealers and human traffickers. The writing on this is fine throughout, and Manapul’s atmospheric water-color style art is looking great, too. Okay, I’m in, looking forward to more!


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