And Then I Read: DEWEY by Vicki Myron


I like animal stories, but it’s been a long time since I read a true animal biography like this one. Ellen got the best-seller for Christmas, and after seeing this picture (guaranteed to win over any cat lover) across the couch for a few days, and seeing Ellen enjoying the book, I decided to read it as well.

Dewey was the library cat of a small Iowa town whose fame grew throughout his life. I’m surprised neither Ellen or I had heard about him during that life, but somehow we hadn’t. He arrived in the library in a cruel way, dropped in the book deposit bin on a bitterly cold winter night as a kitten. Though badly frostbitten, he somehow survived. The author was the one who rescued him and brought him back to health, and this book is also her story.

Vicki Myron’s life was also a hard one, but the love she shared with Dewey helped them both. Yes, there is plenty of sentiment in this book, but it’s not the sappy sort for the most part. Dewey’s growth into the lord and ambassador of the library is a story of a cat with personality and intelligence who makes much of what fate has dealt him. This is also the story of the town of Spencer, Iowa, and how a cat quietly crept into its very heart and center, despite the animosity of some residents.

Dewey sounds like a remarkably appealing animal, and his story made me miss our Felix, who was similarly outgoing and friendly to all, unlike many cats. If you’re a cat person, you’ll enjoy this book. Recommended.

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