And Then I Read: DOCTOR FATE #13

DoctorFate13Image © DC Comics.

Paul Levitz has come up with a lovely way to enhance the resonance of his new Doctor Fate, Khalid. He’s made him the great-nephew of Kent Nelson, the original Doctor Fate. I don’t know the back story of Kent Nelson in the current DC continuity, but here he’s a powerful figure taking time to talk things over with his successor of sorts (though Kent can still wield the Doctor Fate powers) and they work together against a new attack on New York City. Khalid is hoping at first that Kent will take back the heavy responsibilities of the mask, but it’s not to be. Khalid has been chosen by the gods, as Kent once was, and must fulfill his own destiny, even if he still feels somewhat lost and inadequate. Working with Kent is a good morale booster. The art this time is by Ibrahim Moustafa, whose style is more realistic than regular artist Sonny Liew, though still not completely so. It works well here. I enjoyed this issue a great deal.


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