And Then I Read: DOCTOR FATE 3

DoctorFate3Image © DC Comics

Under another unusual cover, writer Paul Levitz and artist Sonny Liew continue to please me with an unusual super-hero comic. One unusual thing is the pretty even balance between Khalid and the ordinary folks in his life, friends and family, and Khalid’s struggle to understand and use the powers of Fate to save lives, including his own. I like both parts. The characters are charming and real, and the struggle is completely believable. Khalid does finally turn up a source of information in the astral form of Nabu, a former servant of Thoth, as Khalid is now, but so far Nabu is long on generalities and short on actual information. Khalid is mostly working by trial and error, and the errors are pretty big ones, but he does make some progress. Good stuff, really enjoying the series.


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