And Then I Read: DOCTOR FATE #9

Doctor_Fate_Vol_4_9Image © DC Comics.

The new Doctor Fate is trying to stop a protest rally near the United Nations in NYC. What tools does he have to do this? Khalid Nassour isn’t sure yet. He has elemental powers that he’s beginning to get a handle on, but each time he uses them it’s a shot in the dark for him. He has the counsel of Nabu, an ancient Egyptian spirit guide whose advice is often brief and cryptic. And, most importantly, he has his own intelligence and problem-solving skills, the ones that were leading him on a successful path through med school until this all happened. A new power that surfaces this time is the ability to find someone close to him by following a golden path that only he can see. Sure beats Google maps! So does the flying. He wants to help his protest rally friends who have been taken off the streets by some unknown force. Where he finds them is surprising.

Still enjoying the writing by Paul Levitz and the art by Sonny Liew. The coloring by Lee Loughridge and lettering by Saida Temofonte are also fine.


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