And Then I Read: DOORWAYS 1

Images © George R.R. Martin and IDW.

I didn’t know what to expect from this comic, I bought it solely on the author’s name, as I’m a fan of Martin’s fiction. Turns out it’s not an adaptation of a story or novel, it’s a comics version of an unsold TV pilot, and actually written by Martin himself. Not every writer can do comics well, but this one is top notch, with thrilling action, great characters and memorable dialogue. Cat, the mysterious woman who appears out of nowhere on a busy highway with predictable results is brought to a hospital, where the doctor, Thomas Mason is trying to help her. Cat wakes up and into instant battle mode, tackling a security guard. Later Tom consults a lawyer, who asks:

“Did she really bite off his nose?”

“Just the end bit.”

“That’s something. If you bite off the whole nose, they really throw the book at you.”

Great stuff!

Cat is on the run, she’s committed an assassination on some other world or dimension, and is being tracked by powerful and menacing pursuers. Tom wants to help her, and is soon caught up in Cat’s desperate flight.

The art by Stefano Martino is quite good, the only suggestion I might have is for him to work more on body language and facial expressions, but they’re already well on the way to excellent. This is a fine comic, and I look forward to reading more.

Highly recommended!

One thought on “And Then I Read: DOORWAYS 1

  1. stefano

    hi, Todd. i’m Stefano Martino. thanks for suggestions, i’ll work hard for that. (in fact Faces and corporal languages are one of the most underestimate aspect of storytelling)


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