Image © Ahoy Comics. Written by Tom Peyer, art by Peter Krause,
colors by Andy Troy, letters by Rob Steen, cover by Jamal Igle.

We were introduced to these parallel worlds and their parallel heroes in THE WRONG EARTH, where those heroes crossed over into each other’s worlds. This seems to take place before that, so we have two storylines with similar devilish villains and themes, but no crossing over. At least so far. The contrasts between the grim and gritty Earth Omega and the light and happy Earth Alpha are fun, as are the very different relationships between each hero and his teen partner, but I do feel the crossover aspect of the first series made it more interesting. Still, I enjoyed reading this, and will see where it goes. The art by Peter Krause, the only new creator, is fine, and works well. The backup articles are interesting, I learned a few things.


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