Image © Ahoy Comics.

Here’s a sampler comic from Ahoy that you can get for nothing on Free Comic Book Day at the right retailer. It’s a full-size Ahoy comic with all new material as far as I can tell: 20 pages of the lead feature by Tom Peyer and Russ Braun, 8 pages of Captain Ginger by Stuart Moore, June Brigman & Roy Richardson, a two-page Poe vs. The Black Cat by Hunt Emerson and a one-page text piece by Hart Seely and Frank Cammuso. The lead alternates frequently between the two versions of Dragonfly, one retro, one grunge, telling two stories with many parallels, and is an excellent introduction to the concept. Captain Ginger gives us an origin story of sorts for the relationship between the Captain and his right-hand cat Sergeant Mittens, from their kittenhood. The Black Cat is typically “Spy-vs.-Spy” funny. Ahoy has put their best effort into this giveaway, and it’s a fun read.


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