Image © Ahoy Comics. Written by Tom Peyer, art by Peter Krause

The contrast in approaches to the modern grim version of these characters on Earth Omega and the retro light-hearted version on Earth Alpha continues to make for an interesting comic. On Earth Omega, Dragonfly’s teen partner Stinger is trying to trick their computer into revealing secret info, while the villain Kaktus attacks Dragonfly himself. Kaktus’ costume and back-story are both unusual. On Earth Alpha, teen partner Stinger is instead helping Dragonflyman by throwing punches for him when the hero himself is unable to fight his criminal opponent The Devil, whose Temptatron rays can turn anyone evil. I’m not sure why exactly the contrast of the two is so effective, but I suppose it’s the polar opposites that attract, so to speak. Of the two worlds, I find Alpha more appealing. I wonder if there are some out there who like Omega better?


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