There are several great reasons to buy this comic. First, as the cover says, it’s a benefit for Ed, who has Multiple Sclerosis, preventing him from drawing. Second, if you like process, as I do, you can learn much more about how some classic Marvel covers were created from often uncredited sketches by Ed. He did the same thing at DC for a while, when I was on staff there, and I can personally vouch for the fact that he was terrific at cover sketches. You’ll agree after reading this.

If you’re a logo fan, you’ll see how Ed liked to play with them, often destroying them for one cover, as above, and at a time when it all had to be drawn out by hand, not messed about with a computer. As you can see, Ed describes his process on most of these. Then there are comments and tributes, both written and drawn, from many of Ed’s artist and writer colleagues. Finally, there are layouts for an entire Cloak and Dagger story Ed was supposed to draw, but never did, which is more great process information.

48 pages, no ads, proceeds go directly to Ed. Great deal and highly recommended!

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