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This new spinoff from the Green Lantern books features Guy Gardner, an Earthman GL who I don’t like all that much, Ganthet, a former Guardian of the Universe, now self-demoted to Green Lantern, who I haven’t formed an opinion of, and Atrocitus, head of the Red Lanterns, who I find quite repulsive much of the time. Despite that, I’m giving this book a try.

As a new series, I expect to find it beginning with an accessible story that explains things, and this one does that well. We first see Guy Gardner doing his part as a GL, with considerable excess of force, but well. Then he requests a new assignment: to explore regions of space beyond the knowledge of the Guardians. To his surprise, they agree. Next we see him joining Ganthet, and they review their pact with Atrocitus (from the other GL books). Finally we focus on Atrocitus and his minions, and he’s acting a bit more human in this book, though is still not at all likeable to me. Finally the story ends with a new plot thread that will no doubt lead the things forward. Writer Peter Tomasi is doing a good job here; he’s made Guy more interesting to me in his time on GL CORPS, and Ganthet seems to be handled well, too. I’ll stay for a few issues to see where things go.

The art by Fernando Pasarin and Cam Smith follows the trend of the other GL books: realistic, highly detailed, lots of explosive action and cool effects. The storytelling is fine, too. I like it.


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