And Then I Read: EMERALD WARRIORS 2 & 3

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

There are a lot of things to like about this new spinoff series. Guy Gardner is the main viewpoint character, and while he’s never been a favorite, I do like the way writer Peter Tomasi is handling him here. Less of a total jerk, more of a sarcastic but competent veteran. Guy is off to the Unknown Sectors, wherever they might be, looking for enemies of the Corps, and tagging along are Arisia and Kilowog, two GLs I like, plus one of those blood-spewing Red Lanterns I find repulsive, but who knows, maybe I’ll come around to this one. Lots of subplots: a big baddie out where they’re headed, and unfinished business for Arisia and Guy. If this book sticks with these characters and doesn’t get bogged down in crossovers, it could become my favorite GL title.

The art by Farnando Pasarin and Cam Smith is excellent. Realistic where it makes sense, fantastic where that’s wanted, great figure work and character “acting,” good action scenes and storytelling. Absolutely nothing to pick on!


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