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The heroes of this book are meant to be on a quest of sorts to unknown regions, but they’re taking time getting to it.  Much of this issue focuses on the planet Daxam, former home of GL  Sodam Yat. The group led by Guy Gardner is looking for him, at the request of his girlfriend Arisia, but find only trouble with the locals; Sodam has already led a team of rebels off and away somewhere. It’s an interesting somewhere. Guy’s group finally gets to the unknown regions and begins investigating the power drain to their rings emanating from there. A slave labor mine seems a good place to start, but at the end of the issue an attack from an unlikely source ensues.

The art by Pasarin and Smith looks fine, everything about this title is well-produced and artful, if perhaps not remarkable or outstanding. I guess I feel about the same way regarding the writing. I enjoyed reading it, but it wasn’t memorable. Mildly recommended this time.

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