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If you’ve been reading my reviews much, you can imagine what I think of the above cover. It really puts the “EW!” in Emerald Warriors for me. The issue is fairly interesting, in that it puts Guy Gardner and friends in conflict with the mysterious power they’ve gone off to find, though only through his puppet Green Lanterns, ones that he’s taken mental control of. Still, there’s a good deal of taut conflict and action in the sequence, as well as deft insights into the minds and feelings of some of the characters involved. Then the Red Lantern thing comes spewing to the forefront toward the end, and it looks like this book and its team is about to be dragged back to Earth and into BRIGHTEST DAY storylines. Too bad, I was enjoying their quest.

The art by Fernando Pasarin and Cam Smith is quite good, and I like the creativity shown in the depiction of the new, young GLs set up against the old pros. The distant manipulator is also well depicted. Lots to like about the art, the spewing blood aside.

Mildly recommended despite a cover I dislike intensely.

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