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I found this issue difficult to follow. We have a number of characters with strong will power trying to overcome each other both mentally and physically, and the imagery wanders from literal to mental constructs without much explanation. Then there are lots of close shots of gore and violence where it’s hard to tell who’s doing what to whom. The result seems to be that the villain of the piece, whose name I don’t recall, and I don’t see it given anywhere here, is thwarted in his plans to gain power by draining it from Lantern rings, though I think he escapes with ex-Lantern Sodam Yat still under his control. All I can say is, no one here is having a good time, including me.

The art by Pasarin and Smith shows great skill, but as said above, not very clear storytelling. In general, the hopes I had for this title are fading, I’m not enjoying it much anymore. Not sure if I’ll continue reading it.

Not recommended

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