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Not long ago I read the first six Enola Holmes books, written from 2007 to 2010. Each book is well written and fast-paced, and if anything, too short, but together they form an admirable coming of age story for the young sister of Sherlock Holmes, who must strike out on her own in London at the age of 14, and proves herself just as capable as her brother of solving mysteries. This new book, published in 2021, is the beginning of new Enola Holmes novels by Springer, and it’s just as good as the first six.

The book has a prologue and epilogue by Sherlock, who fills in new readers on Enola’s history. She is now accepted by Sherlock as independent, his equal in many ways, and in this book they sometimes work together to solve a missing persons case; a young wife who has been reported dead by her husband, something the woman’s sister refuses to believe. The circumstances are indeed strange, and both Holmes siblings go to work on the case separately at first, and then together. Enola, as usual, finds herself in lots of trouble with the angry and possibly guilty husband, and this time the help of Sherlock and his friend Dr. Watson are helpful in saving her and solving the case.

There’s also a new Enola Holmes short story available as a one dollar ebook, “Enola Holmes and the Boy in Buttons,” which is worth reading. I love these characters and Springer’s stories, they feel right in every way as far as historical and social context. I’m a little uneasy about the Sherlock point of view text of the prologue and epilogue, I think looking into his thoughts in that way is perhaps not a good idea, but in general this is an excellent read.

Enola Holmes and the Black Barouche

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