And Then I Read: FAITH Volume 1

Image © Valiant Enterrtainment.

Comics are full of handsome and beautiful heroes and heroines. Less perfect forms are often reserved for supporting characters or villains. Here’s an attempt to break that mold by offering a plus-size heroine, Faith Herbert, fighting crime as Zephyr. Formerly of the super-team The Renegades, she’s now on her own in Los Angeles.

Faith has found a job as Summer Smith, a blogger for a celebrity news site, and isn’t liking it much. Her boss is intimidating, her fellow employees cut-throat, and the subject matter sometimes off-putting, as when she’s expected to dish dirt on her ex-boyfriend. Despite her powers, Faith feels rather lost, and relies on her vivid fantasy-life imaginings, which we see depicted in a different art style, to get her through the day.

Faith’s first crime-fight is against puppy-nappers, but things soon turn more serious and deadly when she gets on the trail of a sinister group who is out to capture and drain power from other psiots (superheroes) like herself, who are perfectly willing to use their own agents as suicide bombers when necessary.

I enjoyed this collection of Faith’s first four issues that was given to me at Balticon. I admire the attempt to make the heroic field more inclusive, and wish writer Jody Houser and artists Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage well with the series.


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