And Then I Read: FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (2018)

Image © Marvel. Written by Dan Slott, art on main story by Sara Pichelli, on backup by Simone Bianchi, colors by Marte Gracia, letters by Joe Caramagna, one-pager by Skottie Young. Cover variant above by Mike Weiringo.

I haven’t read an issue of FF since John Byrne was doing it, but this one worked for me. Reed and Sue Richards and their two children are lost in the multiverse, and presumed dead. Many on Earth, including Johnny Storm think they will be back, though Ben Grimm takes a more pessimistic approach. As the story opens we see Johnny and his roommate Wyatt Wingfoot are at a Mets game having fun while Ben and his girlfriend Alicia Masters are shopping and considering adopting some kittens. An FF flare goes up over the city, getting hopes up that they’ve returned, but Johnny and Ben soon find out differently. Former FF substitute members are interviewed on TV, and Ben tells the tale of a lost FF adventure. There are many fine character moments in the book, and I can see myself enjoying more in this series. There’s also a very positive surprise ending which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

The book also opens with a four-page remembrance of Steve Ditko that I’m guessing ran in all the books at some point. Nicely done.


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