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This one has been on my reading pile quite a long time, as you can guess, because Free Comic Book Day was in May. My friend Ron always gets a selection of FCBD books for me to look through, and this was the only one he had I wanted to read. Just took me a while.

And I don’t know why — Hellboy and his world is something I always find entertaining. This book is no exception. It contains three short stories. The first written solely by Mignola, is actually the weakest of the three, being merely a Hellboy nightmare, though interesting to see what such a being could have nightmares about. You’ll be surprised. The other two stories are co-written by Mignola with John Arcudi and Joshua Dysart, respectively, and each has the kind of chills, arcane knowledge, convincing characters and black humor I look for in this franchise. Hellboy is in neither, but both are well written and drawn. And effectively chilling short stories are not at all easy to do. Far more I’ve read miss than succeed.

Don’t know if you can find this one, but nearly any Hellboy franchise book is worth your time, in my view, and all the ones I’ve seen recently are recommended.

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