And Then I Read: FINAL CRISIS 2 & 3

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I started reading this series with the idea that I wasn’t going to obsess about characters I didn’t know, or storylines continued from other books I don’t read, thinking there’d be enough clues to go with, but you know, it’s really hard to follow.

Issue 2 begins with an 11-page scene that seems to have no bearing on what has gone before, and has no characters I know in it. Then there’s one page at a funeral showing lots of characters I do know (so that’s where they were). Then we finally get back to the villains plotline from issue 1, and quickly move on to some Green Lantern Corps nastiness. GLC is one of the few DCU books I DO read, so I did a little better with that, and liked the monster within (“Aliens”) bit, though I’ve seen it plenty of times before. More evil with Batman, then Superman’s pals, and on the last two pages, a teaser for next issue that really interests me a lot, and is the best thing in issue 2, in my opinion.

Issue 3 is much more fun, with strong storylines involving the major DCU heroes, including the return of one who’s been gone a very long time. Now, THAT’S my idea of a great idea for this series! And I also liked the fact that the heroes are finally getting organized and taking steps toward fighting back against their enemies.

The art is fine. The dialogue is good, with occasional great character bits, but the confusing plotline in issue 2 (better in 3) keeps me from really embracing this series. Oh, and I complained about the tiny bit of cover art on issue 1. They certainly answered that with these issues, though poster shots don’t tell much about what’s in the book. Attractive, though…but why is Supergirl putting a finger in her mouth? I’ll stick around for the rest, but I have to say I can only marginally recommend this title.

One thought on “And Then I Read: FINAL CRISIS 2 & 3

  1. Bryan Stroud

    I’ve been similarly disappointed so far and probably only have my stubborness to blame, but I keep thinking it will get better. My local comic shop guy gave me the Zero issue (what’s with zero issues, anyway?) and it looked promising, but so far it just doesn’t seem to be fulfilling the promise. Jim Shooter is right. If you can’t walk into a comic shop and pick up a book at random and begin to understand it, then something is terribly wrong. For a series that is focusing on the best known characters in the stable, I expected a lot more.

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