And Then I Read: FLASH REBIRTH 1


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Thought I’d give this new series a try. Barry Allen, the Flash I grew up with, died in DC’s CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS in the 1980s, and he recently returned in FINAL CRISIS, something I was glad to see, though I didn’t care much for that series. This begins his new adventures, written by Geoff Johns, art by Ethan Van Sciver.


Van Sciver’s art is very detailed, at times almost photographic, and I like it in general, though his figures sometimes seem a bit awkwardly posed, as the one of Hal Jordan, above. I think his action sequences and storytelling work well, it’s the quiet, human moments that seem a bit off, but I’m willing to overlook that. Geoff’s writing is good, but a bit over the top for me at times. The opening sequence is very violent, signalling what’s new in comics these days right off the bat. So far I’m enjoying his approach to Barry Allen, as a man trying to catch up with the 20-plus years he’s missed, and sometimes struggling with the world as it is today. I can relate, that’s often the way I feel when reading today’s superhero comics.

Supporting cast, friends, foes, and hometown reactions all get a bit of play, but my attention was most caught by a flashback (no pun intended) to Barry’s childhood. Chilling stuff. The action-filled finale was also interesting. I’ll stick with this for a few issues to see where it goes, but for the moment I’m recommending it.

Oh, and there’s a backup preview of a new Power Girl series, too. I’m afraid that didn’t interest me enough to want to read it, though the art looks fine.

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: FLASH REBIRTH 1

  1. Bryan Stroud

    At least I’m not alone in feeling like a dinosaur amongst most of the modern offerings. While I was hoping Barry Allen’s return would be a portent of good things (i.e. stories I’d like with characters I know and love) I remain unconvinced it can be done that way again. The series that brought him back left me cold, even though I slogged through it. No wonder I hang out in the Silver Age almost exclusively…

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